Coffin Lid

Hilton Price Number
Object Type
Tomb equipment, Coffin/sarcophagus/cartonnage, Coffin/sarcophagus lid
Wood (Sycamore)
Egypt, Thebes/Luxor, Deir el-Bahri
Height: 5' 4"
Number of Elements
Divine Name
Anubis | Maat | Nut | Re

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Coffin Lid, the inner one from a coffin of a Priestess of Ȧmen; the mask wears a long striped head-dress, clenched hands protruding below the breasts, and a deep collar or breast-plate painted to represent bead work, with two cross bands, reaching from the neck to the lower margin. Below is the winged disk with the figure of Rā seated, protected on each side by Maāt with extended wings. Various figures of gods, uræi, and hieroglyphics. Then follow Nut, and scenes of the deceased before Anubis, with an altar of offerings and many more vignettes, rows of uræi and lines of hieroglyphics giving titles, etc., of the deceased, but no name appears. This is very well painted, many of the figures are in relief by reason of the amount of paint applied. H. 5 ft. 4 in. Sycamore wood. Dêr el-Baḥarî.


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