Hilton Price Number
Object Type
Tomb equipment, Coffin/sarcophagus/cartonnage
15 inches | 12 inches 18 ¼ inches | 6 inches
Number of Elements
Divine Name
Duamutef | Hapy (son of Horus) | Imsety | Isis | Nephthys | Nut | Qebehsenuef

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Cartonnage, a breastplate, with the winged scarabæus on the top of it, with the head of the hawk wearing a disk in each corner; below it is a deep collar representing nine rows of coloured beads, beneath which is the figure of Nut, with outstretched wings, holding a plume, the emblem of Maāt, justice, in each hand, with the ut'at or mystic eye resting on a basket on each side. 15 in. |12 in. In the same frame, on each side of the above, are two long strips of coloured cartonnage, probably leg pieces; the lefthand strip is ornamented with a cornice and a row of six female figures sitting infront of an altar, each holding a sceptre; beneath them are six panels, in each of which is a figure; in the four upper ones are the four children of Horus, the genii of Ȧmenta, i.e. Mestha, Ḥāpi, Tuamāutef, and Qebḥsennuf, standing face to face; in the two lower panels are figures of Isis and Nephthys, standing with the right arms raised; between these panels is a vertical line of dedication to Ḥeru-χuti for sepulchral meals ,etc.; on the righthand side is another similar leg-piece, capped with a cornice, and six compartments, each one containing as before one of the four genii of Ȧmenta, and with Isis and Nephthys inthe two lower; there is also a vertical line of dedication similar to the last down the centre. 18 ¼ in. | 6 in.


Price, Frederick George Hilton (1897) A catalogue of the Egyptian antiquities in the possession of F. G. Hilton Price. London: Quaritch. Anonymous (1911). Catalogue of the important and extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities, the property of the late F. G. Hilton-Price, Esq. [...] : which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, 12th July, 1911, and two following days, and on Monday, the 17th of July, and four following days. London: Davy.

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