Hilton Price Number
Object Type
Scarab, seal, scaraboid, intaglio and similar objects, Scarab
Middle Kingdom
Twelfth Dynasty
Amenemhat III
Stone/minerals (Steatite)
Egypt, Bubastis
Length: 2⅞ inches
Number of Elements

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Large glazed steatite Scarab, inscribed with the name and titles of Image result for a with a dot over it Ȧmenḥetep III., King of Egypt, BC, 1500, and an announcement that Ti was his Oueen. The text and transliteration and translation are as follows: [HIEROGLYPHS] May live the Horus, bull powerful, diademed with law {law of the north and south}, establisher of laws Pacifier of the two lands, Horus the golden, mighty of valour, smiter of foreign lands {King of the north and south}, Neb-Maāt-Rā, son of the Sun, {Ȧmen-ḥetep, prince of Thebes}, giver of life, [and] royal spouse, mighty lady, Thi, living one—the name of father her [was] Iuȧa the name of mother her [was] Thuau—the wife to wit of the king powerful. Frontier his south [is] as far as Karei, [frontier] north [his is] as far as Neharina. L. 2⅞ in. Bubastis.


Price, Frederick George Hilton (1897) A catalogue of the Egyptian antiquities in the possession of F. G. Hilton Price. London: Quaritch. Anonymous (1911). Catalogue of the important and extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities, the property of the late F. G. Hilton-Price, Esq. [...] : which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, 12th July, 1911, and two following days, and on Monday, the 17th of July, and four following days. London: Davy.

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