Model of a Boat

Hilton Price Number
Object Type
Model, Model Boat
Middle Kingdom
Twelfth Dynasty
Egypt, Meir
Length: 2' 2" | Height: 4"
Number of Elements

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Model of a Boat, with mast 19 1/2 inches high, and a square sail; it has ten rowers, five being seated on each side, whilst the superintendent, who is 6 1/4 inches high stands on the prow; he has his arms extended as though in the act of directing the crew; the oars are tied to the outside of the boat; it is furnished with a rudder in the form of a paddle. All the crew wear white tunics round their loins and have short black wigs. 2 ft. 2 in. x 4 inches. From a XIIth dynasty tomb, where twenty-eight others were found. Wood, painted. Meir.


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