Hilton Price Number
Current Location
Victoriamuseet för egyptiska fornsaker, Uppsala
Museum Accession Number
Object Type
Architecture, Architectural element, Stela
Late Period
Twenty-sixth Dynasty
Height: 15 inches | Width 11 inches
Number of Elements
Divine Name
Amun-Re | Atum | Isis

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Sepulchral Tablet, with rounded top. On the upper part is Beḥuṭet, the great god, master of heaven, darting his rays, spreading his wings, etc. Below this is the figure of the deceased, a female, standing before an altar, making adorations to Ȧtmu, lord of the two earths and of Heliopolis. On the right the deceased, Set-iri-ban, adores Rā-Ḥeru-khuti, great god, lord of heaven. Below are seven lines of dedication, divided down the centre. On the right it reads thus : "Hail to thee, O thou who risest in Tcheser. Thou shinest and appearest in the east of heaven, Khnemu in his chapel, hear, oh ! Rā, I recite the peaceful formularies before the Apts seventy-seven times by day. Look upon the Osiris mistress of the house of Set-iri-ban,* triumphant, daughter of the prophet who opens the doors of the Apts by day, Pet-Ȧmen-neb-nest-taui, triumphant, of the same quality as his father, Nes-pe-Ȧmen, born of Auset-khebḥa." On the left is : " Hail to thee, Ȧtmu, in thy comings, thou art beautiful, gracious, etc., thou traversest the heavens and crossest the earth in peace, thou navigatest come to thee, the gods bow down, they give thee acclamations, appease thy face beaming for the Osiris Set-iri ban, triumphant, daughter of the prophets in the Ȧpts, prophet Sam Sebek in the anterior of Asher, Pet-Ȧmen-neb-nest-taui, triumphant, son of Nes-pe-Ȧmen, born of Auset-Khebha. 15 in. x 11 in. Wood, painted in tempera. Sabatier Collection. XXVIth dynasty. * See the translation published in the Catalogue of the Sabatier Collection.


Price, Frederick George Hilton (1897) A catalogue of the Egyptian antiquities in the possession of F. G. Hilton Price. London: Quaritch. Anonymous (1911). Catalogue of the important and extensive collection of Egyptian antiquities, the property of the late F. G. Hilton-Price, Esq. [...] : which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, 12th July, 1911, and two following days, and on Monday, the 17th of July, and four following days. London: Davy.

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